Simple Methods to Getting Freelance Jobs that Compensate Better

Many writers want to pursue writing as freelancers. However, most of them only get opportunities with bottom dollar rates. It may frustrate them into giving up freelance writing as the rates they get can’t sustain their basic lifestyle. But, freelance writing can pay well and ensure your commitment to pursue it fulltime strengthens. So how can you get a well-paying freelance writing job?

Tips in Finding Better Paying Freelance Jobs

Personal experience can inform your perception of freelance writing and how it pays. Some individuals have a wonderful experience and earn a lot from freelance writing, while another set of individuals has a horrible experience with the pay scale of freelance writing. Regardless of your perception, here are ways to help you earn better through freelance writing.

  • Don’t swim in large pools. Searching for freelance jobs at mass job platforms will do you no good. Instead, focus on a niche’s job platform with less visibility and more specialized. Platforms such as Gorkana alerts, which is a marketing consultancy, provides media and healthcare writing gigs alerts. Visibility and availability of these exclusive writing jobs might require digging, but they are worth the effort. You can find them at the back of an industry business publication or a website of a professional organization.
  • Ask around. You can try and get listed in the resident writer listserv. You can also opt to go to a resident writer networking function. Target the local market and get information from other writers on who pays the best and the worst avenues to work for as well. Such information can include who takes a lot of time to pay, the entities that are growing, and those on a downward spiral. Such networking groups will save you time and energy in finding the right freelance writing job. Remember, such networks can be physical or virtual, so don’t restrict yourself.
  • Think bigger. Do thorough research on potential markets that can pay well instead of guessing entities that can pay decently. Most writing job opportunities are not advertised, as the editor or business owner is too busy. So they don’t have time to sieve through resumes or make an advertisement. You will find great writing jobs when you decide to check the hidden demand pool for writers. To know if a market has the potential to compensate well, always check if the organization is wealthy. A lot of start-up job platforms online have no or little revenue. So target established and successful markets instead of the shaky markets of the start-ups.
  • Target publications that offer pro-rates. If your niche is writing publications, get “Writer’s Market” and set the highest rate to see what appears. Let that be your target pool in place of the adverts you see from local magazines. You can find that national publication that has a wide circulation pays better. Further, a niche publication with an educated audience such as CEOs, lawyers, and doctors also pay better.
  • Pitch lucrative companies. Research and target more successful companies if your interest is in writing for business. Make progress with your target base, for example, from Solopreneurs to firms with a few employees and so forth. If you started with a $1 million firm with a single office or store, try a $10 million firm with several locations. 

Utilize revenue as a guide, pitch to companies that deal with essential services and products, and also target their longevity.


Great money minting opportunities exist in freelance writing. You only need to find the right avenues and the right mindset to succeed. Use these simple methods and watch your fortunes change in the sphere of freelance writing.

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