SEO Essential Guide To Freelance Writing

For both novice and experienced writers’, knowledge about SEO is essential because there are lots of writing jobs on SEO. Again, writing and publishing noticeable articles on websites or blogs that integrate SEO is necessary. At a glance, SEO looks like a modern phrase that applies to technology savvy people, but on the contrary, SEO has been in existence for some time. Acceleration in web technology and especially Google, have helped redefine SEO. Having SEO knowledge can be a source of a satisfying writing career and, in extension, earn you extra income. In this article, we explore what SEO is and how we can get money out of its knowledge.

What is SEO?

In full SEO is Search Engine Optimisation. SEO explains the techniques used to optimize a website score when it’s searched in a search engine, and subsequent page position it gets in comparison with other websites. The search engine uses the website content together with metadata tags and keywords to score and rank sites.

Significance of CEO

SEO is relevant for those who are authoring and hosting websites, online businesses, and e-commerce sites. Research has shown that most Internet users visit the first ten pages of search engine results. So, it is the wish of every web site owner to have his or her web page ranked first by a search engine when searching for a particular keyword or phrase.

Page rank

Google coined the term page rank, and it is a method of establishing a sites’ significance based on its exposure and desirability. Google built an algorithm to determine web page rankings. The algorithm calculates the quantity of valuable content it holds, the amount of links directed to a site, and then allocates it a numerical figure between 1 and 10. If the assigned number is 10, then the rank is the highest and one being the lowest. A page having the top position stands a good chance of being at the top of the search engine result page, hence higher chances of bringing in new customers.


It is a phrase or a word entered into the search engine by a user when searching on the Internet.

Keyword density

It is the ratio of the number of words on a web page of a site to the name of the keywords used within that particular web page. Web pages with many keywords tend to have a better keyword density, hence better ranking for keywords. On the contrary, we consider websites with higher keyword density as spam by the search engines.

Higher ranking

Search engine algorithms calculate search list rankings, and over time websites earns ratings via keyword relevance and links. Based on particular phrases, or keywords, it is possible to promote it by advertising content, which will appear as funded adverts when we search in a search engine.

The relevance of SEO to freelance writing

To freelance writers’, availability of more writing jobs for writers with the ability to write devoted SEO-rich web content, blogs, and articles. These techniques’ main aim is to attract links to a website and hits, hence increasing its positions and upsurging it upwards in the search hierarchy. There are two ways in which you can engage a freelance writer to write on SEO. You can hire a freelance writer to write content for the target website and attract interested users to the website through the guiding page. Secondly, a freelance writer can write blogs and articles which are external to the site, but with the capability to pop up in Internet search engine results and instruct users to the leading website in the core of the trade. The article may have links that will lead the user to the core website that trades with lemon tea to purchase. Articles that authored using SEO methods, and augmented with keywords and crafted strategically, are more in high demand currently.

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