Best Supplementary Skills for Freelance Writers

One would think that to become a freelance writer, significantly good writing skills are necessary. However, freelancing not only about getting a task done. But it’s about making that task available for you.

It’s like a full-fledged business. For aspiring freelance writers, this may sound too much to handle. But don’t worry, as these skills would help you grow and succeed.

Below, we have mentioned the must-have supplementary skills you should brush up on before jumping to full-time freelancing.

  1. Managing your Business and Finances

Managing your business and finances is the first thing you should learn. The basic knowledge of accounting would be sufficient initially. If you don’t know about invoices and how to create one, we highly recommend you to go through a tutorial.

Also, keep a detailed record of clients and payments so that you can track your monthly and yearly progress. This could be done on any excel or google doc. Taxes are also an integral part of freelancing.

Although it’s the most fun topic, you should be aware of the basics. Your taxes won’t accumulate much in the growing stages, but as you grow the business, you need to pay your taxes on time to keep the record clean.

  1. Time Management

One of the most fundamental tips to grow as a freelancer is managing your time and organizing your skills accordingly. However, this can be tricky for aspiring writers, who will find it challenging to balance their personal and professional life.

As seasoned writers, we recommend marking your work on a calendar application. A to-do application would also work for this. Or you can go for the old-school way of journaling down your task for each.

Whichever medium you choose, be sure to keep track of your daily activities and upcoming tasks for the next day.

  1. Self-Editing

The life of a freelance writer includes a lot of editing. So you have to brush up your editing skills. But it does have a massive impact on your work as well.

Self-editing can help you discover your drawbacks. According to expert writers, you must self-edit your articles at least once before submitting it to the client. It also opens up new job opportunities for you.

  1. Networking Skills

For writers, networking may be the most difficult supplementary skill to master. But it’s part of the job: recommendations, referrals, and even shoutouts. You never know which action can open a new door of prospects.

Some critical pointers while networking is to be fearless and honest. If you haven’t worked on any professional articles, you should mention that clients love working with genuine prospects in your proposal.

  1. Marketing Ability

Marketing is necessary for any business, whether it’s freelancing or bookmaking. While you don’t need a professional website, you can consider one if you have grown your business significantly.

A blog on Reddit or quora can also serve as an open portfolio for you. Whereas, having a social media presence is a must considering the overcrowded landscape of freelance writers.


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